PALO plugin for Kettle (Pentaho) ETL

The much awaited Palo plugin for the Kettle ETL tool has been released. Oh happy days!

Palo is an open source MOLAP database developed by the German company Jedox. Although it doesn’t the match the power of established OLAP engines such as Essbase and many simple cross-tab/pivot requirements can be handled by an Excel Pivot table; it is free and it is very useful in mid-sized Budget and Planning scenarios where unlike Excel pivot tables it allows write back to a multi-user back-end database.

The plugin is the work of another German company 3a strategy. This is a great addition to both the Kettle and Palo communities.


Unfortunately it’s not a plugin but a code addition to Kettle, according to Alex on the Palo forum

>>Is this plug-in compatible with Kettle version 2.4? Or it is just for 2.3.1 version.

That’s not a plugin actually… Our _version_ was created on 3.2.1 codebase Probably we’ll make migration to 2.4 codebase but not in the nearest future

The add-in/extension (not sure what to call it) looks very comprehensive but maybe a simpler version built as plugin would suit more people, but then again 3a strategy developed this for their own purposes and were kind enough to share it with others.

Further Update:

Matt Casters over on the Palo forums has recommended not using the Palo extension ..

The folks from Tripple-A-Strategies have created a modified version of the Kettle codebase with the PALO functionality in it, rather than a plugin, but we are working with them to resolve this issue and help them achieve compliance with the LGPL license…

So there is something you can use to access PALO, but I would recommend against using it. They are a major version and hundreds of bug fixes behind on the latest development in Pentaho Data Integration a.k.a. Kettle

but it looks like the Palo code might be integrated into the next Kettle release.

Update (April 24)

Looks like no Palo support in the latest Kettle release candidate, but there’s another kid on the block: PALO:Imp, check it out, it’s the business.


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