Oh Danny Boy, the pipes, the pipes are calling…

What have these three fantastic products in common?

… you guessed it, pipes. The classic idea of the unix pipe has been given a new life in these three easy-to-use products, but this time the target audience is not the sysadmins and professional programmers of the past, this is programming for the masses.

Oh, in case you really were looking for Danny Boy.


3 responses to “Oh Danny Boy, the pipes, the pipes are calling…

  1. Hey Tom – thanks for taking a look at Proto!

    We think visual flow based programming can put common data analysis and workflow tasks well within the reach of end users to solve on their own. I’m blown away by what people do with Excel and VBA, so they are definitely beyond capable.

    We’re hoping that through solid modular design and visual glue the ‘snippets’ and components built by power-users will enable the masses. Whether for building feeds or apps, there’s a lot of positive signs recently to say that they will. Cheers,

  2. Byron,

    I think Proto is an awesome product and yes I too have seen ‘users’ do fantastic stuff with Excel and VBA. My only concern is with its $790 per head price tag, I think this will greatly inhibit ‘below-the-radar’ take-up of this product. If it was say $79 per seat, a power-user could easily charge this to his/her company credit card, not so with the $790 charge; this would probably require sign-off by the IT function!!


  3. Tom –
    There is a good point in what you’re saying as it pertains to letting “power users” naturally evolve. For example, everyone with Excel has access to the “Builder” and over time learns how to modify and even build new spreadsheets. Our current pricing is, as you point out, targeting tech users who would support 5-10 people in a workgroup office environment. I’ll email you to pick this thread up off line, as the 15+ million power users out there are not all raising their hands to volunteer to be the office app builder. Thanks,