Mashup Match Making

I’ve been watching and trialing RSSBus since its initial public beta last May but had of late began to wonder had /N Software lost interest in the project.  But there appears to be light at the end of this particular beta tunnel with the announcement of the integration of the RSSBus engine into News Gataor’s NewsGator Enterprise Server (NGES), still no pricing info on either NGES or RSSBus server.

Another potential partnership that the folks at RSSBus should investigate is a link up withProto.  Both products are firmly positioned behind the corporate firewall with their emphasis on commercial data sources i.e. – dare I say it – mashup tools for adults. 

Proto is visually appealing (like Yahoo Pipes) and is Excel centric in both its table-based design philosphy and its choice of macro language, VBA; both sound design decisions in the market the product is aiming at – the power user.   It is however, lacking in some of the ‘heaving lifting’ tools that power-users depend on but are usually supplied to them by IT; this is where RSSBus comes in.  With its XML scripting language and its extensibility capability provided by C#/VB.NET its natural user base is the corporate IT developer.  RSSBus’s impressive list of pre-built connectors and the ease with which developers can add new ones, makes it an ideal partner to Proto’s more approachable user-focused front-end.


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