New software – Pentaho Kettle 2.5 RC1 and IMP:Palo

I’ve spend a few hours trying out the latest Kettle 2.5.0 RC1 release candidate, new UI and lots of new features. Looks like the PALO code developed by 3a-strategy will not make into this release, but I see Cubeware have released IMP:PALO cube loading software, offering both a free and a premium professional version. Looks promising; I’ve just installed the software (lots of form filling, recovering Emails from GMail’s spam bucket and an activation process to go through first – I’m exhausted!) so I haven’t managed to try it out yet. I hadn’t heard of this German company until today, anybody out there using IMP:Palo or any other Cubeware products?

I managed to get IMP:Palo up and running; went through the tutorial in the Help file and I’m impressed. The tool is very Kettle like, better from a UI perspective in fact, but of course it’s not open source and I’m not sure if it’s free ware or “trial ware” as its not clear what happens when the temporary activation ends next December! But it makes building MOLAP cubes very easy indeed. I’ve included a link to a finished “import definition” file as the demo MS Access data supplied is in a bit of a mess or rather the Product table is (missing GroupIDs – you’ll need an LEFT OUTER JOIN in the Products Mapping – and missing Products). First rule of a demo, make it easy, make it fool proof, otherwise you risk loosing your audience, but I’m glad I persevered, this is a good product!

Download finished IMP:Palo demo.

One other thing, to get rid of the …

PALO Error: not authorized for operation: login error (Error -44) (palo_auth_a failed.) 

…error if you’re connecting to a localhost based Palo server,  remove (or comment out by means of a #) the line


in the c:\Program Files\Jedox\Palo\data\palo.ini file. Stop and restart the server.


3 responses to “New software – Pentaho Kettle 2.5 RC1 and IMP:Palo

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  2. Herman Darmawan

    I am glad you have completed it.
    I had problems in uploading the dimension for product groups.
    It seems that for each new element with a parent, the paprent must already have been defined.
    If the products table is uploaded, the tree is messed up because when it encounters the unknown parent, it will place it at the top.
    How did you manage this?


  3. Hi Herman,

    Yes the product hierarchy is a complete mess (you know what they say, rubbish in, rubbish out), I simply assigned those missing a parent to “Total”.

    Ideally a tool like impPalo should be using an existing cleansed dimensional model not the raw OLTP model. Let a true ETL tool like Kettle do the initial heavy lifting, cleansing and creation of conformed dimensions and then let impPalo do its magic.

    Cubeware should really improve their demo, comes across as very amateurish, and it takes away from an otherwise excellent product.