New Open Source OLAP

Cubulus is a Mondrian-like OLAP engine supporting a subset of MDX and offering an alternative way of organising fact tables using “hierarchial range clustering of keys” rather than the traditional star-schema approach. Written in Python, very much a pre-alpha release. Interesting but a bit too experimental for me this early on a Sunday morning; especially after my sister’s 60th birthday party last night in Roscrea. Happy birthday Ban.

Thanks to Chris Webb for the Cubulus link.


6 responses to “New Open Source OLAP

  1. Hello Tom,

    There is new release 0.48 on . It contains archive with all libraries included, and one small sqlite3 database. Hopefully it’s close enough for one-click install.

    For Python versions prior to 2.5 py-sqlite must be installed separately. Also MySQLdb (contains binary code, platform dependent). Sqlite database is not very scalable, the real thing is MySQL 5.1 beta (supports partitioning and is quite stable in spite of “beta”).

    Memcached is also _STRONGLY_ recommended ; otherwise for every page submit all cells will be queried over and over again.

    Links: online demo : , source code : , presentation material :

    If you have troubles importing a schema, send the CREATE statements, and estimation of nr rows in each table.

    Best Regards, Alexandru

  2. Thanks Alexandru,

    I’ve downloaded it and will look at it over the next few days.


  3. It seems that there is no update recently…

  4. @zz

    Yep, no sign of activity since the Oct/Nov of last year.


  5. Hey Tom

    Cubulus ..
    Found a link to this – looked like something to play with but seems to be a dead project. Then I found your post!

    Do your recent python dabblings dovetail with this in any way?

    Could we do anything with it? Get intouch with the author, restart the project?

    The idea of running this against my postgreSQL data in a browser is appealing.

  6. Tom

    Your comment about BI being for civilians is true enough – and yeah, cubulus is most definitely heavy artillery

    But ……

    This ‘civilian’ just got it working against SQLite (latest download version 0.57). Now to hack below the surface to see what gives.

    Never thought of writing a ‘PT-alike’ for the web in python – here goes!