Google Docs & Spreadsheets Help

Most of the discussions about Google D&S tend to frame the conversation in relation to MS Office assuming prior knowledge of the likes of Excel and Word. But my wife, an IT Coach, is finding that more and more people who are drawn to first-time use of computers because of a wish to access the internet, are bypassing traditional desktop tools especially when she introduces them to Gmail and Google Docs & Spreadsheets. For these people teaching the use of Google D&S using Word & Excel as the template makes no sense so it’s good to see that Google has announced a Google Docs & Spreadsheets Help Group to provide help and guidance to users of the product.


3 responses to “Google Docs & Spreadsheets Help

  1. It’s been around for a while, but help has been spotty at best, for me anyway. My biggest thing right now is getting Google Docs to my WordPress blog. That’s a bug that’s been there for a while, and Google doesn’t seem to have done much with it.

  2. Rick,

    Agreed, getting support for Google Apps problems can be hit and miss, maybe if more people know about the G&S forum a self-help community might form around it.

    I’ve been able to post OK to my WordPress blog (hosted on not on my own server) from Google Docs.


  3. There really are some great people who help on that google group… and it has been around for a while – so you might even find answers to questions without even posting (just search).