I’ve got talend and I’m going to use it…

For the last few months I’ve being looking for my ideal ETL platform. That ideal would be open source, platform independent (well at least Windows and Linux), flexible, and easily deployable. It had looked like a combination of Kettle and my micro-ETL combinations of Ruby/SSQLite and Excel/SQLite would be the eventual “winners”. That was until I discovered (or rather rediscovered) Talend, to be more precise the just released Open Studio V2.0.

Having spent a few hours this weekend getting to know the new Java Project features I’ve come away a Talend fan-boy. I think I’ve found my ETL tool, one suitable for both heavy-duty server-side processing and client-side micro-ETL tasks. The tJavaFlex component allowed me to add missing functionality with ease; for example, I managed to..

…all within two hours of first starting to evaluate the product. (OK, I had evaluated the Perl version several months ago, so I wasn’t a total noobie!).

Because Talend is a code generator (Perl or Java) I can store my work as a ‘tool-independent-snapshot’ for future use, modify by hand if need be, and use it on any JRE or Perl supporting OS. It’s not that I’ll stop using the other solutions (the Excel/SQLite xLite utility has proved to be particularly useful and flexible) but Talend looks like it will become the tool-of-first-preference (along side Excel of course!) in the Gobán Saor’s datasmithing armory.


One response to “I’ve got talend and I’m going to use it…

  1. Hi!

    Can you send me the code you developped for

    * write to a Palo Cube,
    * upload data to a Google Spreadsheet
    * and push a file to my S3 account

    pleaseee 🙂