Google Gears – SQLite Killer App

The announcement of Google Gears is of course a game changer for those working in the development of online apps; its addition to Goggle Reader alone would make it worth while for me and I’m sure we’ll see it integrated into Google Docs and GMail in the near future. If you had any plans to develop a web based app or already deploy one you need to give this technology some quality time.

But it is the use of SQLite as the client-side persistence engine that excites this datasmith’s old heart. Since first coming across SQLite (while learning Ruby on Rails) I’ve been convinced that this “good enough” micro-database on steroids was a winner. Since then, as well as using it with Ruby ,I’ve integrated it with excel to use as a micro-ETL tool, I was instrumental in getting SQLite support added to Kettle (Pentaho PDI), I wrote a SQLite custom module for Proto, in fact the first thing I now do when checking out a data manipulation tool is to check if it supports SQLite.

I’m looking forward to investigating further what Google Gears can add to my existing datasmithing tool set, and I’m certainly glad I invested the time in learning JavaScript. Exciting times.


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