Zimki – trust and hope.

Fotango‘s Chief Operating Officer, Simon Wardle, writes further about the decision to delay open sourcing Zimki on his personal blog. I’ve decided to look at the situation form a glass-half-full perspective; hey it’s still free, professionally managed, easy to use; I’ve some really useful web services running on it and the rest are static pages that I migrated from Google Apps a few months ago but could easily be moved back to Google or to a run-of-the-mill hosting provider.

OK maybe it’ll disappear in the future but I like the way Simon was up front about the problems, not ‘going to ground’ or worse using marketing-speak to promise vapour ware! So I’m going to trust that if the situation changes again that Fotango will give Zimki users sufficient notice to enable a orderly transition to an alternative platform but hope that they can eventually realise the potential of this innovative product.


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