Excel 2007 bug and the chance of being hit by a meteorite.

Joel On Software gives a very good technical explanation of the Excel 2007 53,535 as 100,000 bug. And, as he points out, it only affects 12 out of a potential 9.214*10^18 floating point numbers, so is he worried?

…no, the chance that you would see this in real life calculations is microscopic. Better worry about getting hit by a meterorite(sic).

Meteorite Over Ireland - the-irish-times april-26

But then again, on April 25th 1969, I witnessed a fireball cross the night sky over my childhood home town of Killenaule, Co. Tipperary. It appeared to be the size of a full moon with a streaming tail and made a “whish’ing sound” – it turned out to be a meteorite. At the time, “The Bunt” Shaw said it landed in the town’s “well field“, but it actually fell to earth over Northern Ireland. So it can happen.

The above image is from the new Irish Times archive service.


Fix now available.


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