Amazon EC2: S, L and XL – now we’re sucking diesel..

As of today, Amazon EC2 now supports two new Instance Types..

… a “Large” and an “Extra Large” instance type to complement the original instance type and provide more flexibility for EC2 users. The new instance types provide more memory, CPU, and instance storage, and are based on 64bit technology. EC2 users can now utilize these different instance sizes to support an even broader set of applications and use cases.

The Large Instance is equivalent to roughly four Small Instances (our original instance), and the Extra Large Instance is roughly equivalent to eight Small instances.

This increases the attractiveness of EC2 as a platform for micro ETL/BI activities, the extra memory accessible under the new 64bit instances makes the commissioning of pure in-memory on-demand open source PALO OLAP instances a real alternative. And it’s not just micro BI activities that could utilise this sort of service, many of the large BI implementations I’ve worked on in the past could easily be handled by this type of kit.

Also this week, /n Software announced the private beta of a Java version of their RSSBUS Server Engine; this could be a very useful on-demand micro ETL tool especially now that it will be capable of running under Linux (the current version requires a Windows IIS Server).


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