PALO ETL-Server, first sighting …

I was wrong. I figured Jedox would build their new ETL server on one of the existing open source ETL project code-bases, either Talend or Pentaho’s Kettle. Instead, the new alpha ETL server code which has just been uploaded to SourceForge is based on neither and appears to have been developed by another German company Proclos.

Rather that a full featured all-things-to-all-men ETL tool, it’s a specialist MOLAP cube import tool, like an XML driven version of IMPPalo. Being Java based, it should be easy enough to combine with Kettle to offer the best of both worlds; let Kettle do the heavy lifting and the management of conformed dimensions and fact tables, then use Palo ETL-Server to build the hierarchies and load the cubes from these tables.

There’s no documentation as yet but there’s two demo projects; importRelDB.xml, which loads data into a cube from a HSQLDB in-memory database and a CSV file; and importOLAP.xml, which copies data from one Palo cube to another.

To run the importRelDB.xml project …

Java -jar importer.jar – p importRelDB

… each project is broken up into Jobs (such as Initdata, MasterData, CubeData, again like IMPPalo) and these can be run separately by using the -j option.

The tool is controlled via XML configuration files and lacks a GUI interface (which is fine by me, I’m more of a command-line guy). I’ve checked-out the SVN code and am slowly working my way through it, no sign as yet as to how drill-back from PALO cubes will be enabled; as this project is called Importer ETLCore, perhaps that’s yet to come.

So far, I like what I see.


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