CouchDB = IBM’s SimpleDB and S3 ?

What if you’re a major player in the IT world and suddenly the internet’s equivalent of your local bookshop releases a mould-breaking cloud-based database service, SimpleDB. This is on top of Amazon’s highly acclaimed document data store service, S3!

Well, if you’re IBM you hire Damien Katz the person behind CouchDB. I think 2008 could be the year that cloud-based database services really take off


2 responses to “CouchDB = IBM’s SimpleDB and S3 ?

  1. Have you looked into Dabble?

  2. @Mike

    I have indeed, it’s very good, but I think it’s destined to remain a niche (yet obviously successful) product unless it manages to get a major brand behind it. But perhaps that’s not what DabbleDB want, perhaps they wish to remain as a small, independent and profitable (hopefully) company.