xlAWS – 100,000 downloads?

Not sure, but this morning I received my monthly AWS bill, and it was double its usual amount! When I investigated the extra cost it was due to 133GBs of downloads from my www2.gobansaor.com bucket. This is the S3 bucket in which I store the xlAWS zip file, xlAWS being a “library-of-sorts” of VBA/VB6 helper code for accessing Amazon S3 and SimpleDB.

It’s linked to from this page on my blog (which has had 200 or so hits this month) and from this AWS Community Code page. The excessive hits on the bucket started on the 28th of Feb , the day the xlAWS code was published on Amazon and continued through most of March. Talking the size of the zip file, 133GB represents approximately 100,000 downloads. I don’t have server logging enabled on the bucket, so I can’t be sure how much is due to the other public files in the bucket (all belonging to the VBA/Proto SQLite xLite project), but as that project has been available for months and is accessible only through my website (who’s stats show a consistent 5-10 downloads per week) I’m guessing the downloads are for xlAWS.

Who would have though that there would be such interest in VBA/VB6 code for accessing AWS services! I wonder was it the Excel VBA side of the house or the dispossessed (and p*ssed off) VB6 developer hoards who downloaded it the most? Leave a comment if you downloaded and used the library, I’d love to know.


2 responses to “xlAWS – 100,000 downloads?

  1. Well I was interested in it because I want to add S3 functionality to a host of ASP sites I maintain.

    I am really surprised that I can not find an ActiveX wrapper that provides members like this:



    -access key
    -secret key


    putItem, getItem, etc, etc.
    well you get the idea.

    The delete bucket out to automatically recourse and empty buckets.

    Know of any ActiveX like that? Not sure yet if I want to spend a week doing it myself.

  2. Dave,

    I’m not aware of any ActiveX libraries for S3. Someday maybe I’ll find the time to write a “proper2 library, but unlikely, as my motley collection of code snippets is “good enough” for what I personally need and I now tend to use Python’s easy-to-use and powerful Boto library for most of my S3/EC2 “scripting” needs (see http://blog.gobansaor.com/2008/05/05/python-to-replace-vb6/ )