Amazon S3; there’s a holdup on the buckets, Dear Liza…

Amazon’s S3 service has been down since 9.00am PDT but I only noticed an hour ago (2.30pm PDT) when a EC2 instance launch failed.

Am I worried? No, but as I become more and more dependent on such services, perhaps I will, but then again at least I’ll not be alone. and countless others will be using the same excuse to their customers and unlike Renginald Perrin who had a different excuse every day for his train’s late arrival…

Ep.1   “Eleven minutes late, staff difficulties, Hampton Wick.”
Ep.1   “Eleven minutes late, signal failure at Vauxhall.”
Ep.1   “Eleven minutes late, staff shortages, Nine Elms.”
Ep.1   “Eleven minutes late, derailment of container truck, Raynes Park.”
Ep.1   “Eleven minutes late, seasonal manpower shortages, Clapham Junction.”
Ep.2   “Eleven minutes late, defective junction box, New Malden.”
Ep.4   “Eleven minutes late, overheated axle at Berrylands.”
Ep.4   “Eleven minutes late, defective axle at Wandsworth.”
Ep.5   “Eleven minutes late, somebody had stolen the lines at Surbiton.”

a whole industry will shout in unison “6 hours late (and counting), overheated axle on US Buckets…”

One response to “Amazon S3; there’s a holdup on the buckets, Dear Liza…

  1. Funny. I’ve never seen this series but I need to add this to my Netflix queue. I am a big fan of British TV (comedy and dramas both very old and new). I am not sure what this is, but I gotta see it.