Palo HTTP API via Excel/VBA

As a result of a request on the Palo support forum last week looking for a VBA tool to directly access the Palo OLAP server via its native HTTP API, I realised I had such a tool. I had built it about a year ago (to use alongside Fiddler Web Debugger and .NET Reflector) to help me understand in detail the interaction between the Excel client and Palo. (Remember this was before Jedox released the Excel add-in as open source)

I removed the SQLite dependent parts (which allowed me to load meta-data into tables and analyse using SQL) and used a pure-VBA MD5 hash routine to reduce the number of moving parts. Also added a few VBA helper routines (including an array-formula UDF to allow direct calling of the API from Excel UI).

As I said, I originally built it as a learning aid but I’ve started to look at it again in the context of a an Excel/Sqlite Palo ETL add-on.  Having the flexibility of the native API and my own meta-data cache in SQLite might prove very useful.

The code may be found here.  Enjoy!

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