xLite Beta Updated – adds Python as an Excel Scripting Language

I’ve updated the xLite Beta with bug fixes and added a new page introducing xLite’s Excel/VBA and Python extensions to SQLite.

See http://www.gobansaor.com/xlite (UPDATE: xLite now microETL http://blog.gobansaor.com/category/microetl/)

The u() function allows any VBA UDF (user defined functions) to be called from SQLite.

The x() function allows an inbuilt function or indeed most any formula (but not a UDF, use u() instead) to be called from SQLite.

The f() function allows for standard worksheet cascading formulas to be referenced by SQL, in effect, worksheet user defined functions.  Really useful in building & testing workbook code/models.

Finally, xLitePyScript is a UDF that allows Python to be used as an Excel scripting language.  Can either be inserted into a SQL statement wrapped by the u() function or called like a regular function from VBA or as a cell formula.

Have fun …


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