MicroETL Alpha Release

As per my last post here’s an Alpha release of the MicroETL “SQL & Sequencing” tool for Excel http://bit.ly/boVxll

This zip file contains a 32bit version of the MicroETL add-in.  It includes Python support but to activate that you require the latest V2.7 of Python.

The add-in (MicroETL.xla) can be “installed” in the normal fashion but make sure all the associated DLLs (Sqlite3.dll, xLiteSQLit3.dll) are in the same folder. For Python support you’ll also need pydbVT.DLL and the initmicroETL.py file.

If you don’t wish to install the add-in, the example workbooks (TimeDimensionExample.xlma & TimeDimesnion97-2003Exmple.xls) contain Open_Workbook code that will load the add-in (providing they’re in the same folder).

The example is a classic ETL task, creating a Time Dimension. The 2010/2007 version takes advantage of the new Excel Table functionality, while the 97-2003 uses plain-old-Excel-ranges. The 97-2003 also outputs the dimension as a CSV file which will most likely end up in your MyDocuments folder.

Here’s the 64bit version  http://bit.ly/8Y0owq (no Python). To use this version you must have a 64bit OS AND a 64bit install of Excel.

The Excel project is password protected, if you need access to the code contact me and I’ll send you the password.


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  1. wow, this looks really useful. thanks!

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