The Datasmith’s Hammer – 1st cut …

This is just a quick update to say, that having fixed the last minute bug, there’s now an initial version of the add-in available (see previous post for download link). Included is an example using the same Irish FOI request data as used in my Data Wrangler post. Interesting to compare the speed between the microETL approach of the Data Wrangler post and the HAMMER approach. The HAMMER version is slower, which is to be expected as it’s a totally .NET managed solution, while microETL relies mainly on C based libraries to do the heavy lifting; internally HAMMER also makes far more copies of the data compared to microETL. But, on a fast machine (i.e  no shortage of RAM or spare CPU power) the HAMMER’s response is very acceptable, and that’s the environment that HAMMER is aimed at that; in other words don’t try this on your 128K Windows 2000 machine 😉


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