HAMMER V1 – Now with better NET 2.0 and pre-2007 Excel support

A quick post to announce V1 of HAMMER (still in Beta).

The major changes are to the functionality available when NET 4.0 is not installed. The array helper functions such as HAMMERToSheet() and HAMMERToFit() now work in all versions of Excel (they were restricted to >=2007 with NET 4.0).

So in essence there are 3 versions of the Excel Add-in:

  • Excel 2010 64 bit, requires NET 4.0 and comes with Python and Internal Threads support.
  • Excel 32bit (>= 2000) when NET 4.0 installed; comes with Python and Internal Threads support.
  • Excel 32bit (> = 2000) when NET 4.0 NOT installed; lacks Python and Internal Threads support.

The SETUP.xls will detect which flavour of the add-in to install.

The command line version now comes in two flavours:

  • HAMMER.exe – requires NET 4.0 to be installed; supports Python and Internal Threads.
  • HAMMER-noPython.exe – for use when NET4.0 NOT available ; as the name suggests, no Python support and also lacks Internal Threading support.

There’s also a breaking change in this version:

In previous versions a horizontal single row range of cells was loaded as an “empty table” i.e. row assumed to be the “table headers”. Also, a single columned vertical range of cells was loaded as a single column table with the 1st cell as the column name. In this version, both sets of cells (horizontal or vertical ) are treated as a list and loaded into a single columned table (with a column name of “ListValues”).

There are also a number of new commands  :

  • _PYSTDOUT – redirects Pyhon’s Standard Output to the specified file. Need only be set once per Excel session.
  • _PYPATHS – a comma separated list of Search Paths for Python to use to resolve import requests. Again, need only be set once.


Download the latest version of HAMMER here …


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