Free Micro ETL tools

On this page you’ll find details of my two micro ETL tools, microETL and HAMMER. Although there’s a certain element of duplication across both tools, they are different in their intent and in the technology used. If you need help using these or wish to develop something similar contact me.
HAMMER is my most recent project, it’s a .NET based tool, simpler and more focused than its older cousin microETL (see below). While microETL had its genesis in the 32bit, single threaded world of pre Excel 2007 versions, HAMMER embraces the abundance of RAM and CPU cores now available to Excel users (another way of saying, it’s not as resource efficient as microETL, but that for most use-cases that’s no longer a problem). It too embeds SQLite and Python, but in the form of C#-SQLite (a pure .NET implementation of SQLite) and IronPython (a pure .NET version of Python). It also supports multi-threading.
HAMMER can be called as an array-formula UDF (and has several helper functions to make working with array formulas easier). It can be called via VBA, offering VBA coders access to the world of .NET and multi-threading support. It can also be used as an external command-line program, allowing long running transformations to be delegated to non-Excel processes or to external servers without the need to have Excel available.
For the latest versions and articles on HAMMER follow the HAMMER tag on my blog …
My original EXCEL based ETL tool is microETL, it’s a VBA based tool that embeds SQLite and Python. The code base contains lots of tried and tested VBA code that I’ve either built or picked up over the years. The ability to call SQLite and Python directly from within VBA code (and within Excel formulas) means that there’s nothing this tool can’t handle. This is the tool for those who wish to merge the power of VBA with the C based worlds (i.e. fast, flexible and efficient) of SQLite and CPython.
For the latest versions and articles on using microETL follow the microETL tag on my blog …
For latest version (20th May 2011)with examples 

contact me if you need the old microETL code.