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Ruby plus Amazon S3 – Document Centric Database

I’ve said it before and I’m going to repeat myself; learning Ruby has proven to be a great investment, not so much for the language itself but for the insights it gives into other technologies. As soon as a new ‘cool’ technology or idea hits the street some smart Rubyist is bound to attack it, dice it up and serve it back up as easy to digest Ruby code.

Today, it’s the turn of Document Centric Databases done in the style of CouchDB, but replacing JavaScript/Erlang with Ruby and the bespoke data store with Amazon’s S3 service.

Anthony Eden‘s RDDB project is still very much alpha, but looking through the code it looks like it has lots of good ideas, including using EC2 instances as “map reduce workers” listening on Amazon SQS Queues; so the whole Amazon AWS stack might yet get staring roles. The actual data store can be varied, with both partitioned file system and RAM based options currently available alongside S3.

Other Amazon AWS related news, was the announcement today of an option to use European data centres to store S3 data (with a slightly higher charge than using North American locations and with the transfer of data between EU based S3 buckets and US based EC2 instances being no longer free). I’m guessing that the option to fire up European based EC2 servers can’t be far behind. Also, one piece of news I’d missed was that EC2 is now in unlimited beta i.e. it’s now open to all developers. So developers everywhere can, for less that the cost of a mobile text message, fire up their own dedicated and powerful Linux server. The day of a production ready, SLA backed, EC2 service is around the corner.